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Renter Friendly Decor and Tips

There’s never been a better time to be a renter: One recent USA Today report found that renting is now cheaper than buying in 47 out of the 50 metropolitan areas they studied. As the cost to buy and own a home is becoming more and more prohibitive for many Americans, many of us find ourselves asking; How can we make these rented spaces feel like our own? 

If you’re one of the millions of renters looking for a way to make the most of your space, we’ve got your guide to renter friendly decor that can make you feel right at home. Join our Greensboro furniture experts as they share tips on how to make your temporary space feel just like your forever home.

Considerations for Renter Friendly Decor

Decorating a rented apartment can be just as rewarding and creative as decorating a home you own, but you will have to contend with limitations imposed by lease agreements and property management companies. Here are some essential considerations to keep in mind when finding renter friendly decor.

Review Your Lease Agreement

Before diving into decor projects, thoroughly review your lease agreement. Some landlords have strict rules about alterations to the property. Take note of any restrictions on painting, drilling holes in walls, or making significant structural changes. Understanding these limitations will help you plan your renter friendly decor without violating any part of your lease.

Temporary Fixes and Solutions

Embrace temporary decor solutions that can be easily removed without causing damage. Peel-and-stick wallpaper, removable decals, and wall hooks with Command strips are excellent alternatives to permanent fixtures. These options provide flexibility and allow you to experiment with different styles without jeopardizing your security deposit.

Furniture Placement and Layout

When arranging furniture, consider the layout of the apartment. For example, you'll want to ensure your furniture and electronics are well integrated with each room and flow seamlessly. Optimize the space by creating distinct areas for living, dining, and sleeping. Pay attention to traffic flow, ensuring that your furniture arrangement complements the natural flow of the apartment without blocking essential pathways.

Renter friendly decor may include an ottoman with built-in storage as shown here. Additional ideas include plants and curtains, as shown here by a large window.

Neutral Foundation with Pops of Color

Since repainting walls might be off-limits, opt for a neutral color palette for larger furniture pieces and walls. Use accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and artwork to introduce pops of color and personality. This approach not only adheres to most lease agreements but also allows you to easily update the look as design trends change.

Lighting Enhancements

Enhance the lighting in your rented apartment to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Invest in floor lamps, table lamps, and string lights to supplement the existing fixtures. Avoid making permanent changes to light fixtures, and instead, focus on portable and stylish lighting options.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Maximize storage renter friendly options without making permanent alterations. Consider furniture with built-in storage, such as ottomans with hidden compartments or bookshelves that can be easily moved. Freestanding storage units and decorative baskets are also practical choices for keeping your belongings organized.

Accessorize with Personal Touches

Infuse your personality into the space through carefully chosen accessories. Display personal mementos, artwork, and photographs to make the apartment feel like home. 

Considerate Wall Decor

While some landlords may allow limited wall decor, others may prohibit any damage to the walls. Use non-invasive methods like removable hooks, picture rails, or lean large artwork against the walls instead of hanging it. Always consult with your landlord before making any big decisions when it comes to wall decor.

Window Treatments

Customize your apartment's windows with curtains or blinds. Choose a style that complements your decor and provides the desired level of privacy. Be sure to store the original window treatments provided by the landlord to reinstall before moving out.

Open Communication with Landlord

If you have specific decorating ideas that may involve minor alterations, seek permission from your landlord. Open communication ensures transparency, and some landlords may be willing to accommodate reasonable requests, especially if it enhances the overall look and value of the property.

Renter Friendly Decor Ideas

Whether you’re moving into a new space or just want to liven up your existing one, try a few of these renter friendly decor ideas so you can enjoy your apartment now without worrying about losing your security deposit later. 

Temporary Wall Solutions

One of the most commonly cited complaints about decorating a rented apartment is the inability to paint walls. Luckily, the surge in renting in recent years has also been accompanied by a surge of solutions for renter friendly decor and temporary wall coverings. Temporary solutions like peel-and-stick wallpaper, for instance, or removable wall decals, add color and texture to your space without damaging the walls. These options allow you to experiment with patterns and styles, and they can be easily removed when it's time to move out.

Dual Purpose Furniture

Invest in furniture that serves multiple functions to maximize both space and utility. For example, ottomans with hidden storage, foldable tables, and sofa beds are excellent choices. This not only helps in creating a more functional living space but also reduces clutter.

Removable Decals and Stickers

Jazz up plain furniture or add a personal touch to your walls with removable decals and stickers. These are easy to apply and can be removed without leaving a trace. Whether it's adding a quirky decal to your refrigerator or creating a gallery wall with framed stickers, the possibilities are endless.

Creative Lighting Solutions

Since most rentals come with standard lighting fixtures, consider adding your touch with creative and removable lighting options. String lights, floor lamps, and stylish lampshades can instantly change the ambiance of a room without any permanent alterations.

Area Rugs and Floor Coverings   

Covering up unattractive or worn-out flooring is easier now than ever before, with options like area rugs, peel-and-stick tile and wood laminate, and carpet tiles. This not only adds a layer of comfort but also allows you to introduce colors and patterns that suit your taste. 

Command Hooks and Strips

Command hooks and strips are a renter's best friend. They’re perfect for hanging art, mirrors, and lightweight shelves without damaging walls. These handy tools come in various sizes and strengths, ensuring that you can find the right solution for your decor needs.

Open Shelving and Bookcases

Instead of drilling into walls to install permanent shelving, consider open shelving units or bookcases. These can be moved around as needed and provide a great way to display personal items, books, and decor without causing any damage to the property.

Accent Furniture

Introduce accent furniture pieces to make a statement without permanent alterations. This could be a bold-colored side table, a unique chair, or a vintage dresser. These pieces can be easily moved and repurposed in different rooms as your living situation changes.

Fabric Accessories

Soft furnishings like throw pillows, blankets, and curtains are powerful tools for adding personality and texture to a space. Choose colors and patterns that resonate with your style and easily switch them out for a quick update.

Indoor Plants    

Bring nature indoors with potted plants. Plants not only add a touch of greenery but also improve air quality and create a vibrant atmosphere. Choose low-maintenance varieties and decorative pots to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Final Word: Renter Friendly Decor and Tips

Renting a home is no longer simply a precursor to finally owning one: These days, people see renting as a viable and cost-effective alternative to buying, one that allows flexibility and freedom. In response to that, renter friendly decor is easier to find and more customizable than ever. 

By embracing renter friendly decor ideas and tips, you can turn your temporary living space into a personalized and inviting home. With a little creativity and respect for the property, you can create a stylish and comfortable home that reflects your unique style. 

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