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Modern Home Decor Ideas

No one ever wants to feel like their living space is out of style and outdated. Being surrounded by furniture, floors, colors, and wall coverings that don’t appeal to your desire for a modern aesthetic can bring your mood down. Why live in a place that creates feelings of unhappiness because a room is overwhelmed by the clutter of old, clunky, and unattractive decor?

Are you living in a new place and have a blank space to fill up and design? Are you planning a full-room makeover in your house or apartment? Or, have you decided to incorporate a more modern aesthetic slowly item by item, and piece by piece? Whatever the purpose of exploring a modern home decor aesthetic, Executive Furniture Leasing has all the tips you need to help transform your space into a modern home that brings you joy.

What is Considered A Modern Home Decor Aesthetic?

Modern decor centers around clean lines, and monochromatic, neutral tones. Modern home decor celebrates natural light and open space– uncovered windows letting in light from outside, avoiding heavy draperies, and keeping decorating to a minimum are some ideas to help your home to feel more modern. Natural woods, exposed pipes or beams, metal or chrome fixtures, and a minimalist decorating approach are some of the hallmarks of modern home decor.

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When planning your modern home decor, think about these defining characteristics: 

  • Practicality and functionality 
  • Simple, clean lines and simple furniture pieces
  • Natural materials
  • Neutral colors
  • Pops of colors
  • Open windows and natural lighting
  • Mixed textures and fabrics
  • Geometric patterns and lines
  • Open floor plans
  • Environmentally friendly choices

Modern Home Decor Themes

It’s always helpful to have a checklist of topics to consider whenever you are doing a home project. Knowing your style preferences helps you imagine your dream home and assists you when buying, leasing, and renting furniture and decor.

By considering a theme for your modern home decor you come up with a concept that will be threaded throughout all your home. This does not mean that you need repetitive pieces or that every room looks identical. Instead, it simply means you are designing with continuity in mind, allowing your home to have a flow that creates a sense of uniformity.

Modern Minimalistic

When you use an open-spaced design with just the bare essentials in an uncomplicated, uncluttered space it is considered a modern minimalistic approach. White, light grey, beige, and pale color choices communicate a minimalistic design aesthetic.

Mid-Century Modern

Teak, rosewood, or oak furniture choices with functionality in mind represent mid-century modern home decor. Incorporating bold accent colors and metals, glass, and vinyl features are signatures of mid-century modern home themes. 

Rustic Modern Farmhouse

Whereas traditional farmhouse designs focused on antique and vintage furniture pieces, the move toward rustic modern home decor allows for that cozy farmhouse feel. Items in reclaimed, distressed, and untreated natural woods paired with natural light and interesting, modern pieces create the rustic modern farmhouse trend. 

Modern Bohemian

Sleek modern elements and clean lines are matched with pops of color and rattan, macramé, and patterned materials. Earth-toned colors in shades of orange, blue, purple, yellow, and red are all considered urban or modern boho. Furry rugs, wall tapestries, and mixes of different natural textures are great ways to create a modern bohemian theme in your home decor. 

Coastal Modern 

Oftentimes people make the mistake of thinking coastal design needs to appear nautical in nature or have seashell pictures on every wall. It’s an outdated approach to try to make your coastal-inspired home into a beach cabana. Instead, a coastal modern aesthetic can be approached by staying with a minimalistic design while incorporating a mixture of textures from cedar, bamboo, wicker, and driftwood materials.  

Modern Luxe Decor

Modern luxe, or luxury, decor refers to capturing the old-Hollywood style of sophistication and refinement and pairing it with modern, clean-lined furnishings and adornments. Luxe design communicates glamour through the use of velvets, silks, and faux furs as well as metallic accents in silver or gold. The idea is to remain chic with your accent choices, while still focusing on functionality for your furniture. 

Sustainability and Modern Home Decor

In our modern world, we are always looking for ways to stay relevant and up-to-date on sustainability matters. Making environmentally friendly choices is more than just a design trend– it’s important to the well-being of the Earth to incorporate reused, recycled, and sustainable pieces into our lives where we can. 

Consider how to include eco-friendly materials and elements into your design plans that limit the use of energy and minimize your carbon footprint while also following minimalistic style choices. One way to be eco-friendly is to allow the flow of natural light into rooms through uncovered windows, helping you to cut down on energy use and costs while also allowing sunshine to flow through your home naturally.

Some modern sustainable home decor materials that do not use dyes, chemicals, or GMOs in their production are: 

  • Organic cotton
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Teak wood
  • Recycled polyester 
  • Bamboo
  • Cork 

In addition to using organic, sustainable materials, you can be environmentally friendly in your modern home decor by having living walls made of plants, and shelves with small plants in living rooms and bedrooms. Consider creating modern home office decor with a large plant filling up an empty corner of the room or utilize an indoor hydroponic garden in a designated area of your kitchen. 

Modern Home Furniture Rental in North Carolina

If you need help decorating your home in a modern way that represents your own style and design preferences, contact Executive Furniture Leasing today. We offer budget-friendly rental furniture packages to create the very best in modern home decor. 

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