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Executive Furniture Leasing is both locally-operated and woman-owned with a home office in Greensboro, North Carolina. We proudly extend our furniture rental services to cities including Greensboro, Burlington, Winston-Salem, and other cities by request in North Carolina. Our dedicated team has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the furniture rental business which means we’ve perfected our process to ensure your experience is as seamless and as enjoyable as possible. If you're not exactly sure what furniture will best complement your space, our team will work with you to find the right solution that fits your needs and budget. 

We have four different furniture rental packages, with houseware packages, and add-ons available.



Urban Collection Dining Room Set - dining room furniture for rent in Greensboro, NC


The Urban package elicits a modern farmhouse feel with natural wood tones combined with modern accents.

Mirabel Collection Bedroom Set


This furniture package has a more traditional feel, bringing elegance and simplicity to your space.

Maribel Collection Dining Room Set


Stylish and functional, the Maribel package has everything you need to create a home away from home.

Living Room Set

Living Room Sets

Our upholstery pieces include sofas, loveseats and chairs as well as recliners and sleeper sofas.


Houseware Packages

From kitchen and bathroom essentials, to cleaning supplies and bedroom linens - we supply everything you will need!

Kitchen Furniture Leasing in Greensboro, NC


Whether you need a desk for your home office, extra TVs, or beds, we have an array of add-ons available for your furniture package.

Benefits of Working with a Local Furniture Rental Company

The advantage of leasing furniture during a short stay is that it helps to alleviate stress with handling and moving your own furniture multiple times. If you are only in North Carolina on a temporary basis you don’t have to worry about buying, setting up, and the hassle of getting the furniture yourself. Leasing can save you time, effort, and money. When you have completed your time, just provide a notice to vacate and we do all the work to pick up the furniture and housewares. We make it easy. 

Executive Furniture Leasing has a wide selection of packages so you can find something stylish that works for you. We also have houseware packages and add-ons, so you have all the essentials! Call us at  336-851-1351 to schedule your furniture lease.

Working With Executive Furniture Leasing

  • Quality, Functional Furniture: Our furniture provides comfort and value. Professionally selected to fit in apartments to give you the most space while in your temporary stay.
  • Modern: Stylish and up-to-date furniture and housewares, comfortable seating, and beautiful colors.  
  • Clean & Sanitized: Once our delivery team sets up all of the furniture they ensure all items are dusted, cleaned and sanitized, and ready for you. Once all of the rental furniture is cleaned and set, you can expect us to leave your home just like we found it.
  • Not Your Average Mattress: All of our mattresses are pillow tops  - this is not an upgrade!
  • Set Up and Delivery: You won’t have to carry any of the furniture into the apartment. We do it for you. We can also have the furniture and houseware all setup and ready for you prior to your arrival. Ask our team how to arrange this for your delivery.   

Choose Your Style

One of our dedicated furniture leasing experts will help guide your selections based on your individual preferences and budget requirements. Once everything is selected, we will get you scheduled for delivery.    

We make the process easy from furniture rental choices to pricing, and delivery. If there are any issues along the way, don’t worry – we are here every step of the way until the delivery day so nothing falls through the cracks.


The process for renting furniture is typically seamless and enjoyable, especially with Executive Furniture Leasing. In most cases, you can select the style and type of furniture you would like to rent and the furniture rental company will deliver it to your home or apartment. You will be responsible for paying a monthly rental fee and potentially a deposit, depending on your credit score.

The cost of renting furniture depends on many factors such as the type of furniture, the length of the rental period and the location. Renting a living room set can range from $150-400 per month depending on the company you rent from and style of furniture you select. If you choose to rent pieces individually, such as a dresser, you may pay $10-50 per month. To get an accurate estimate of how much furniture rental costs in NC, contact Executive Furniture Leasing today at  336-851-1351.

Leasing or renting furniture can improve your credit score when you make payments on time! If you are either in the process of rebuilding your credit or you are trying to build up your credit score, leasing furniture is a great way to achieve that. In short, your credit is reported to credit bureaus, so when you make payments on time with your credit card, you are building your credit score.

You may be wondering why you would consider renting furniture? In the short-term, renting furniture is cheaper and cost effective. If your immediate finances indicate that you cannot afford to purchase furniture, or you have a job that requires frequent relocation, renting furniture is a great option. Not only is the cost less, but you can find furniture styles that fit your unique taste. You may choose to rent a complete furniture set or individual pieces. Our team delivers furniture in as little as 24-48 hours so you can move around without worrying about the logistics of transporting furniture. 

At Executive Furniture Rental we offer many different rental packages so that you can make your space feel like home. You can browse our Urban, Kira, and Maribel styles or check out our living room sets. Additionally, you can refine your package to include just what you need.  We also have additional add-ons or houseware packages to ensure you have everything you need!

Although you are just renting, you have every right to make the furniture in your living space feel unique to you. You don’t want furniture that seems out of place or foreign to you. Map out where each piece of furniture would fit best in your space. If you’ve always wanted an entryway table with a family photo above it or a coffee table adorned with fresh flowers and coffee table books, now is the perfect time to make that happen. 

Renting furniture is a great way to get the furniture pieces you need without making a long term investment. Here are some of the examples of when renting furniture could be a great option.

  • Temporary housing: If you are relocating temporarily, rental furniture can be used to furnish your temporary living space. 
  • Staging your home: If you are in the process of staging your home, rental furniture could be a great investment. Stylish, undamaged, rental furniture could be the difference when it comes to selling your home quickly.
  • Jobs that require frequent relocation or travel.
  • Lifestyle preferences that include exploring various cities or towns before deciding on a place to call home.

You’ll be surprised what you can learn from renting furniture. For one, you’ll have temporary furniture that will get you by in the interim. Once a couple months pass, you’ll be able to see how much money you can put towards purchasing your own furniture. The amount of money you have left over at the end of each month, plus the amount you are spending on rental furniture will loosely determine how much you can spend on new furniture when you’re ready to buy your own. Another thing you’ll learn is what pieces of furniture you really want and where you want them. You might discover that an entryway table isn’t a piece you utilize much and would benefit more from a bedside table. Again, this will go a long way when it comes time to purchase furniture of your own. You’ll have a clear picture of what pieces you need and want and what pieces you don’t. 

Bed Room Set with lamps and a dresser - Furniture rental in Greensboro, NC

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