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Convertible Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces pose big challenges: how do you fit everything you need in an apartment that resembles a shoebox more than it does a showhome? 

There’s also promising news in regards to furniture in small spaces: As spaces become smaller—research from RCLCO Real Estate Advisors found that apartments today are 100 square feet smaller than those built in the 2000s, a 9.7% reduction—furniture makers have adapted with products that serve multiple purposes. That means they are specifically designed to make the most of even the tightest quarters. 

This is good news for those of us who find ourselves moving from place to place often, or renting furniture for the short term. After all, what’s better than knowing your favorite piece of furniture will work in every space? 

If you find yourself either on the move or in a tight spot, here are some of the best ideas you can use to optimize your convertible furniture for small spaces.

Convertible furniture for small spaces, such as a couch that converts to a bed or a chair that converts to an ottoman (pictured here) is a wonderful addition to any small space.

What is Convertible Furniture? 

As you may know, convertible furniture is simply furniture that can be transformed to serve other purposes, or easily reconfigured for storage. 

The first popular piece of convertible furniture was invented in the late 1800s when William Lawrence Murphy engineered a way to turn his sleeping space into a living space by folding his bed right up into the wall. Even today, these beds bear the name of their inventor: The Murphy bed.

Since then, there have been countless inventions and iterations in the world of convertible furniture. Modular furniture allows one piece to be used in various ways: couches turn into chairs, shelves fold out into full-sized desks, sofas turn into sleeper sofas, and so on. Coffee tables double as dressers, and loft beds make space for desks built right underneath. 

Convertible furniture has even seen a rise in popularity in the past few years when the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly made it necessary for our homes, no matter the size, to serve virtually every purpose for us. Combine that with the shrinking size of living spaces overall, and the nomadic lifestyle of much of the population, and suddenly our living rooms have to double as our office, an entertaining space, potentially a bedroom, and other transitory spaces that need versatility.

Convertible furniture makes that seem less like a challenge and more like an opportunity to get creative. Whether you choose to invest in convertible furniture or rent a furniture package, you can get creative in the design aspect!

What are the Advantages of Convertible Furniture? 

Considering convertible furniture for small spaces? Here’s why it works.

Saves space

This is probably the most obvious advantage on this list, but one that bears repeating. When you need to make the most of small spaces, convertible furniture allows you to replace two, three, or even four pieces of traditional furniture with one all-purpose piece. 


As convertible furniture becomes more and more popular, the options for design become more and more vast. While you may immediately picture the boxy and clean lines of an Ikea living room set, you don’t have to feel backed into the minimalist corner when looking for space-saving furniture. Cozy couches come in sleeper-sofa versions, farmhouse coffee tables transform into desks, and mid-century benches double as storage spaces. If you need inspiration or tips on how to decorate a small space on a budget, this article has numerous suggestions.

Plus, convertible furniture can make a small space look and feel bigger by reducing the number of large pieces needed and making room for what you really need and want. 


We are all striving to integrate sustainable options these days, including in our home decor. Modular and convertible furniture is sustainable by definition: it is designed to be adapted to any space and for multiple purposes. Instead of throwing it away and replacing it with a new piece, convertible furniture encourages and invites you to simply reimagine it. 

You’ll also find that many convertible furniture makers emphasize sustainability in their design and production processes, utilizing recycled materials and responsible supply chains. 


What’s more affordable: Buying a couch, a coffee table, and a lounge, or buying one sectional that can do all three? When you pare down the volume of furniture you need to buy, you also pare down the price without sacrificing quality. 

Examples of Convertible Furniture: Convertible Furniture for Small Spaces

If you’re looking for convertible furniture ideas for small spaces, there are plenty of options these days.

Fold-out Couch

Also known as a sleeper sofa, this innovation first came about in the 1920s. It’s come quite a long way, though. Gone are the days of clunky, hard-to-assemble, and uncomfortable fold-out couches. In their place, you can find stylish velvet, leather, and suede in modern and classic versions. Typically these can fold, slide, or flip out into a bed in just seconds.

Shelf/Desk Combo

If you have a small office space, this may just be the answer to your prayers. Combining wall shelves with a desk allows you to make the most of both. Whether it's a wall-mounted shelf that folds out into a small workspace, or a mid-century modern full-size desk attached to a bookcase, there’s a combo for you. 

Under Bed Storage

Whether you need storage for off-season clothes, extra space for books you haven’t read in a while, or even a place for seasonal decorations, you can utilize that space under your bed. Popular options come with roll-out drawers or mattress platforms that can be lifted up. 

Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed comes in far more iterations now than the original one offered. Choose from a simple setup that completely disappears when it is folded away or a version with side cabinet and bookcase storage that looks like a bespoke built-in when not in use. 

Chair That Converts Into a Daybed

The sleeper sofa gets even smaller in the case of this stylish chair that quickly transforms into a twin-sized bed. 

Room Divider with Storage Hooks

Room dividers are great hacks to divide up a studio space depending on the purpose of certain sections, and to give you a bit of privacy. Make the most of them with versions that also serve as storage for jackets, hats, scarves, jewelry, and more. 

Footstool With Extra Storage

An ottoman or footstool makes your living room more comfortable by giving you space to spread out, but it can also be used for extra storage! 

Can I Rent Convertible Furniture? 

Yes, you can rent convertible furniture. Furniture rental companies, like Executive Furniture Leasing, let you choose from many styles and types of furniture. Whether you need a rental for your short-term space, options for optimizing space in apartment staging, or just want to try a new style, renting is a great option. Please take a look at our current living furniture rental packages and photos to gauge the best living room furniture for your space.

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