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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Furniture Rental in 2024

There are certain living situations where furniture rental can be a much better option than buying. However, it does not work for everyone. This is why you need to consider all of the pros and cons before making your decision. Furnishing a home on a budget is more possible than you think. Sometimes in life you know you will soon be moving on. If so, do you want the expense and the hassle that can go with owning furniture?

Why Should You Rent Furniture?

Rental furniture is an option that many consumers will not even consider. Is buying furniture always necessary though? Sometimes it can make sense to rent. Let's look at whether or not it is the option for you.

1. Avoid any long-term commitments

Rented furniture is yours for as long as you need it. You may not need it permanently. This way it will be hassle free to get rid of when you are done. Perhaps you know you will only be living in a property for a short time. Perhaps you have not quite decided if an item is right for your space. Either way, you can simply rent furniture so long-term commitment is not necessary.

2. Less costs

We all know how expensive new furniture can be. In fact, many families will spend over $8,000 on furniture for their home. Through a furniture rental company, your cost is less and spread out with monthly payments. This adds up to significant savings over a year. It will free up your income for other valuable purposes.

3. Less hassle

Many furniture rental companies offer delivery services. After all, everyone knows that furniture can be heavy. Not to mention difficult to assemble. A delivery fee may be included with the rental. You should always check this before it arrives to avoid unexpected costs. Most companies will also assemble furniture for a fee. They will also install electronics if necessary. The time and exertion saved may well be worth the expenditure.

Why You May Want to Avoid Renting Furniture

Furniture rentals aren’t right for everyone. Let’s explore why this might not be the right option for you:

1. What you see is what you get

When furniture shopping, you can usually see the exact items. With renting this is not always possible. There are often furniture rental packages , meaning you may only see some items when they arrive. You may dislike the style or something may not be the best fit. This is not something you have to worry about when purchasing furniture. Bear this in mind if you are looking to rent.

2. Greater costs in the long term

If you rent a piece of furniture for a long time, it may cost more than if you had bought it. The monthly total may be a lot less to begin with, but it does add up over a longer period. Furniture rental prices are great value in the short term. The longer it goes on, the less the cost of renting makes sense. If your living arrangement is more permanent, it usually makes sense to purchase.

3. Unexpected expenses

When you are renting, make sure you know all costs involved. Renters insurance, delivery fees, and pick-up fees can all mount up. It could even mean that buying furniture makes more sense. You have to spend money on furniture, but make sure you are getting the best deal for your situation. Most rental companies will ask for a damage waiver. If you have renters insurance already, this will cover it. Either way though it will be an extra cost. Renting may seem like the best deal, but do the math and make sure it will be.

When Might Renting Furniture Be the Best Option?

There are many reasons why renting furniture could be a good option. Here are a few of the main ones to consider.

When you are relocating temporarily

When you buy furniture, it may have to be one item at a time. This means it can be a while before a house feels like a home. When you rent, you can have a collection of high quality furnishings straight away. If you know you will only be in a home for a short time, this is the best option. This can apply to students, people on temporary work contracts, or anyone who is in a short-term living situation. If you need furniture fast, then renting will take the stress out of it.

If you are looking to sell your home

If you are looking to sell your home, it may make more sense to rent some furniture for display purposes. Your furniture can be in storage ready for the move. Meanwhile, you can have some unworn furniture and an attractive interior design for potential buyers. It will be worth the small cost of renting the furniture to gain the sale of your property. Think of it as an investment that will bring in more money going forward.

If you want to try before you buy

Moving into a new space can be expensive. You may not have much money left over to buy furniture. You may want to consider the monthly payments available through renting as a cheaper option. If you have an idea of the style of furniture you want and rent it before buying new furniture then you have the luxury of being able to change your mind if the style doesn’t work or isn’t what you want.

Renting Furniture for Your Space

If you know you will soon need to start fresh, then renting can be an excellent choice. It is cheap in the short term and allows more flexibility, but be mindful of any extra costs. Rental furniture can give your new apartment a homely feel straight away. Contact our furniture rental company in NC by calling us today at  336-851-1351 or filling out the form below.

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