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Urban Furniture Rental Package

Our Urban Furniture Package

Our Urban furniture package was designed for those who reside in the city or those who want their space to elicit an inner-city vibe. How did we create this package? Our talented interior design team at SHY Design is to credit. They carefully hand-selected furniture that meshes contemporary and modern fabric with industrial finishes. Although its foundation can be traced back to a warehouse or city loft, our Urban furniture package features soft edges and warm, neutral tones that invoke a calm atmosphere. One of our favorite pieces of urban furniture is a beige armchair that features wooden legs.

One of our favorite features about the urban-style furniture is its ability to seamlessly create a functional living space. Largely, urban furniture welcomes open spaces and features sleek lines. You may identify urban design as exposed beams, a single brick wall, or a concrete table with a modern design. In short, urban-style furniture is perfect for those seeking large statement pieces with clean finishes and whispers of an airy space.

How to Implement Urban Design

Implementing urban elements in your home is simplistic. You can let the room guide your design choices as well. For example, urban design lends itself to a calm vibe in the bedroom and a stately presence in the living room. If you're a fan of sharp contrasts, such as a blue accent wall joined by a subtle, neutral-colored wall, urban furniture is right up your alley! One of the great things about urban design is that it encapsulates both neutral and bold colors.

For example, you can boast a modern home office while designing your living room in such a way that it pops with statement furniture, artwork, and color. Alternatively, opt for a warm-toned rug in the living room, a velvet sofa, and pendant lighting. In the bedroom, you may have earth tones, such as seafoam green walls and a mirror with a stately gold frame. The way you choose to style your space is completely up to you, but if you'd like tips and suggestions from our team, we are more than happy to help!

Lease Our Urban Furniture Package Today

Whether you're in a short-term accommodation or simply want to test out our furniture to see if it's a perfect design fit for your home, our urban furniture packages are available to rent for as little as 90 days or as long as you need it. Executive Furniture Leasing is proud to be the only locally-owned furniture rental store in the area. In addition, our woman-owned business is operated with high standards, which means the furniture you rent from us is always of high quality, impeccably clean, and ready for you to enjoy. Located in Greensboro, we proudly serve Burlington, High Point, Winston-Salem, and other North Carolina cities upon request.

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Our Urban Furniture Package Includes:

Living Room

  • Sofa
  • Loveseat / Chair
  • Coffee Table
  • 2x End Tables
  • 2x Lamps
  • TV Stand


  • Queen Bed with Headboard
  • Pillow Top Mattress
  • Box Spring
  • Dresser with Mirror
  • 2x Nightstands
  • 2x Lamps

Dining Room:

  • Dining Table
  • 4 Chairs (1 & 2 Bedroom)
  • 6 Chairs (3 Bedroom)

*Some colors may change based on inventory. We cannot guarantee that all inventory shown for this package will be available at the time of the lease.

Urban Collection Dining Room Set - dining room furniture for rent in Greensboro, NC

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