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The Best Entryway Furniture for Small Spaces

Your entryway is the first area that people see of your home, so you want to make a statement and portray your style. If you have a small space to work with, you may think that there’s not a lot you can do, but that's not true! You can give your small entryway plenty of flair by choosing the right entryway furniture for small spaces. Each piece you choose can help to create a space that is stylish and functional. 

At Executive Furniture Leasing, we enjoy helping people find the perfect furniture for every room of their homes. Our furniture experts have compiled some quick tips for buying entryway furniture for small spaces, as well as offer furniture suggestions to get you going in the right direction. 

What is Entryway Furniture?

Entryway furniture can include tables, chairs, benches, coat racks, and mirrors, among other items. These pieces of furniture are not only functional but also decorative and can set the tone for the rest of the home. This is why you want to carefully select the pieces you put in your entryway since they will give the first impression of your home. If you have a small space, you’ll want to avoid cluttering it with large pieces of furniture.

Tips for Buying Entryway Furniture for Small Spaces

The best entryway furniture for small spaces

Measure Your Space

Before looking for furniture, measure the usable space you have. This is the space where you can put furniture while still having space to walk and move around comfortably. Since the area is small to start, you don’t want to clutter it with furniture that makes it difficult to get around.

Keep the Layout Open

You want any small space to be as open as possible. Avoid buying any furniture that is going to block light and look bulky. Don’t put a heavy coat stand or bulky side table directly opposite the door. This will disrupt the flow of space and make your entryway feel uninviting.

Avoid Wall Clutter

Don't clutter your entryway with too many prints or paintings as this can make the space look busy and disorganized. An entryway mirror or a single art print should be enough wall decoration for your small space.

Be Flexible

As you’re shopping for entryway furniture for small spaces, look for pieces that offer flexibility so that you can move them when they’re not in use. For example, you'll want to opt for lightweight furniture over bulky, heavy-weight pieces. Additionally, you should consider where you can store these pieces when you're not using them. Perhaps you have a climate-controlled storage unit for your seasonal decor and clothing. If so, you can securely store furniture in there!

Consider the Shape

It might sound backward, but round tables take up less space than rectangular tables while still offering plenty of usable surfaces. You can arrange your round table catty corner to add additional space in your kitchen or living room.

Go Lighter and Brighter

Lighter colors will brighten up a small space. Any light-colored furniture is a good choice for a small entryway. This will create a feeling of openness in your entryway.

The Best Entryway Furniture for Small Spaces

Now that you have some shopping tips, let’s take a look at some of the best entryway furniture for small spaces. You may want to add one or several of these pieces depending on just how much space you have.

Console Table

A console table is a popular piece of furniture for small entryways. Tall and narrow tables can save space and give you a surface to put your keys on as you walk through the door.

Multipurpose Mirror

A multipurpose mirror looks stylish and can make your entryway look bigger than it actually is. If you can find a suitable mirror that also has a shelf or cubby (aka convertible furniture), that’s a bonus!

Small Shoe Rack

If you’re a person who likes to take their shoes off as soon as they walk in the door, a small shoe rack can be a useful addition. Since you don’t have a lot of space to work with, choose a small shoe rack that serves the purpose without taking up too much room. 

Small Bench 

Benches are popular additions to entryways. Since you don’t have a lot of space, look for a multipurpose bench that also has storage space underneath. You may also choose to add a few throw pillows on top of the bench for a little color and style.

Coat Rack

Many entryways include a coat rack. It’s a functional piece of furniture that can also add a unique shape to your space. It can not only hold your coat during the colder months but also hold your beach tote in the summer.

Tall Bookcase

As you look for entryway furniture for small spaces, you should consider a tall bookcase. For starters, this will look sleek and won’t take up a lot of room. You can use it to display pictures and use any drawers for keys or other items. Some bookcases have shelves with space for baskets to store other items.

See-Through Console Table

When you have a small space, a clear piece of furniture can give you a great look without being cluttered.

Tiny Table

There’s nothing wrong with adding a tiny table to your entryway. It can have just enough space for your keys and mail as you walk through the door. A tiny table can also give your small entryway a unique flair depending on the style of the table.

FAQ About Entryway Furniture

What type of furniture should I consider for my entryway?

No matter the size of your entryway, you’ll want to consider a small bench, stool, or chair. You’ll also want to look at tables that provide storage to save space. Many people like to add coat racks as well.

What’s the best way to place an entryway table?

With limited space, you want to try to position an entryway table flush against a side wall. This allows for you to add hooks on the wall for keys and other items.

Can you put a dresser in the entryway?

A multipurpose table with storage drawers can be placed in the entryway. If you have a small space, you’ll want to carefully consider the piece you’re adding. You don’t want to place a piece of furniture that is too clunky for the space you have.

What types of items can I store in my entryway?

If you have storage in your entryway furniture, you can store hats, gloves, umbrellas, pet supplies, and any other items that you may grab on your way out the door. You shouldn’t use the entryway to store items that you don’t use regularly. You should save this area for items that you use frequently.

How can I keep my entryway organized?

Consider a storage bench to keep your entryway organized. This is a good way to have space to sit while also having an area to store some small items that you use regularly.

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